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About the Journal
CLEAR, THAVAN, and KKIMRC, International Journals of Management, Science and Technology is an International, peer reviewed journal, publishing high-quality, original research.
We are pleased to introduce CLEAR International Journals a constituent of CHINNIAH LAKSHMIAMMAL EDUCATION AND RESEARCH (CLEAR) FOUNDATION, (Head Office), No:1/181, Soorakkadu, Karambakudi -Taluk, Pudukkottai-District, Tamil Nadu, India-622304. CLEAR Foundation was established in the year of 2000. The first issue launched on June 2011.
We are pleased to introduce THAVAN International Journals a constituent of THAVAN EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST, (Registered Office), No: 1/181, Soorakkadu, Karambakudi-Taluk, Pudukkottai-District, Tamil Nadu, India-622304. THAVAN TRUST was established in the year of 2012. The first issue launched on June 2012.
Corporate Office
No: GF1, Block3, Meera Homes Ashwin, Bajanaikoil Street, Perumbakkam, Chennai-600 100, Tamil Nadu, South India
We are pleased to introduce KKIMRC a constituent of KAAR AND KAVI INTERNATIONAL MULTI-RESEARCH CONSORTIUM, (Registered Office), No: 1/181, Soorakkadu, Karambakudi-Taluk, Pudukkottai-District, Tamil Nadu, India-622304. KKIMRC CONSORTIUM was established in the year of 2012. The first issue launched on June 2012.
Peer Review
To peer-review integrity and upholding the highest standards of review. Once your paper has been assessed for suitability by the editor, it will then be double blind peer-reviewed by independent, anonymous expert referees.
Preparing Your Paper
Word limits
Please include a word count for your paper.
Style Guidelines
Please refer to these style guidelines when preparing your paper, rather than any published articles or a sample copy.
Please use British -i e spelling style consistently throughout your manuscript.
Please use single quotation marks, except where ‘a quotation is “within” a quotation’. Please note that long quotations should be indented without quotation marks.
Formatting and Templates
Papers may be submitted in any standard format Word.  Figures should be saved separately from the text. To assist you in preparing your paper, we provide formatting templates.
please contact:
Please use this reference style guide when preparing your paper. An EndNote output style is also available to assist you.
Checklist: what to include
  1. Author details. Please include all authors’ full names, affiliations, postal addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses on the title page. Where available, please also include ORCID identifiers and social media handles (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn). One author will need to be identified as the corresponding author, with their email address normally displayed in the article PDF (depending on the journal) and the online article. Authors’ affiliations are the affiliations where the research was conducted. If any of the named co-authors moves affiliation during the peer-review process, the new affiliation can be given as a footnote. Please note that no changes to affiliation can be made after your paper is accepted. Read more on authorship.
  2. A non-structured abstract of no more than 200 words. Read tips on writing your abstract.
  3. Disclosure statement. This is to acknowledge any financial interest or benefit that has arisen from the direct applications of your research. Further guidance on what is a conflict of interest and how to disclose it.
  4. Biographical note. Please supply a short biographical note for each author. This could be adapted from your departmental website or academic networking profile and should be relatively brief.
  5. Supplemental online material. Supplemental material can be a video, dataset, file set, sound file or anything which supports (and is pertinent to) your paper. We publish supplemental material online via Fig share. Find out more about supplemental material and how to submit it with your article.
  6. Figures should be high quality (1200 dpi for line art, 600 dpi for grayscale and 300 dpi for color, at the correct size). Figures should be saved as TIFF, PostScript or EPS files. More information on how to prepare artwork.
  7. Tables should present new information rather than duplicating what is in the text. Readers should be able to interpret the table without reference to the text. Please supply editable files.
  8. Equations. If you are submitting your manuscript as a Word document, please ensure that equations are editable. More information about mathematical symbols and equations.
  9. Please use SI units (non-italicized).
Using third-party material in your paper
You must obtain the necessary permission to reuse third-party material in your article. The use of short extracts of text and some other types of material is usually permitted, on a limited basis, for the purposes of criticism and review without securing formal permission. If you wish to include any material in your paper for which you do not hold copyright, and which is not covered by this informal agreement, you will need to obtain written permission from the copyright owner prior to submission. 
Submitting your paper
Manuscripts to manage the peer-review process. If you haven’t submitted a paper to this journal before, you will need to create an account in the submission center. Please read the guidelines above and then submit your manuscripts.
Publication charges
The lead authors of manuscripts exceeding 12 published pages, including all figures and references, will be subject to a fee of USD80.00 per additional page. If an author is unable to meet these charges in full, a request for a reduction must be made in the submission letter at the same time as the manuscript is submitted.
Color figures will be reproduced in color in your online article free of charge. If it is necessary for the figures to be reproduced in color in the print version, a charge will apply.
Copyright options
Copyright allows you to protect your original material, and stop others from using your work without your permission.
Open access
This journal gives authors the option to publish open access via our making it free to access online immediately on publication. Many funders mandate publishing your research open access.
My Authored Works
On publication, you will be able to view, download and check your article’s metrics (downloads, citations and Altmetric data) 
Article reprints
You will be sent a link to order article reprints via your account in our production system. For enquiries about reprints, please contact the Taylor & Francis Author Services team at www.thaavan.com.
Should you have any queries, please visit our www.thaavan.com.or contact us at info@thaavan.com
A Blind Peer Reviewed and Open Access Journals