For Authors

Authors Information
All Manuscripts must be typed in A4 size (font size 12) in 1.5 spaces in a single column with at least one-inch margin on all sides. The authors should submit a single word file that contains the entire paper with a  page, References, Annexure, etc.
The author also should provide the title of the book/ manuscript, Author name(s) & Designation(s), Institutional address, and Brief Profile of the Author in a separate word file of around 200 words along with recent passport size photograph(s)
Publication Policy and Ethics
CLEAR, THAVAN  and KKIMRC International Journals of Social Science, Commerce, Management, Education, Economics, Media Science, Engineering, Technology  is the official journals of CLEAR, THAVAN  and KKIMRC which provide an opportunity to academicians to explore their research skill through publication in our journals. With this view, authors should submit articles as per the publication policy and ethics.
Our journals publish review papers, analytical papers, conceptual papers, case studies, research reports, and other research papers in the field of social science, multidisciplinary, science and technology etc.
  1. The manuscripts should submit to the managing editor through
  2. To facilitate an editorial decision on the acceptability based on the guidelines prescribed by the journals.
  3. The paper should describe new and confirmed findings
  4. The paper should be 8-10 pages with 300 words abstract, 5-8 key words.
  5. All paper must consist title in bold letter followed by authors name and affiliation.
  6. The manuscript should be in MS Word format in Times New Roman font Size 12 point A-4 size paper with 1.5 line spacing.
  7. APA citation style should be used for bibliography and it should be arranged in alphabetical order.
  8. All manuscripts are subject to peer review and are expected to meet standards of academic excellence.
  9. If any plagiarism is found in your research paper that it will be rejected and for acceptance of paper make sure your paper follows the originality or clarity. And the right of publishing or rejecting is given to the editor.
  10. Proper acknowledgment should be given to the original author / institution where ever necessary.
  11. Author should not submit the same paper in more than one journal.
  12. Author should maintain and follow academic ethics and code while preparing and submitting articles.
  13. Since the copy right lies with authors, they are responsible for their views or information used in the article.